Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Consulting so far

Well I'm 3 weeks into my internship and I've been a little lazy on the blogging. My first couple of weeks at Bain made a pretty soft transition back into the working world. The first week was training: 2 days of local training in the Dallas office for the 9 of us in the Dallas summer program, and the rest of the week in Cape Cod with the entire Summer Associate class. Training was a good mix of fun and work, with a bit more emphasis on the former (no complaints here).

The next two weeks have gotten progressively busier. I was assigned to an out-of-town case in the meat packing industry with my particular assignement relating to best practices. I could tell you the name of the client but keep in mind that I would then have to kill you -- they take the whole confidentiality thing quite seriously in consulting. Yes, even beef packers have secrets.

So meat packing. Yes, that's right, I went from internet product management to meatpacking in one year flat. There must be a record for that (needless to say I am now spending more time on MeatNews.com's search engine than on Yahoo's). Nevertheless, the perfect thing about a case like this is that it's such a good way to test out consulting. If working on a meat packing client can be interesting and stimulating (and so far it is, by the way), then just about anything can be interesting.

So far consulting has felt like an extension of business school, only you get 3-4 months to work on a case instead of one night. Of course, the expectations (and stakes) for getting the right answer are much higher.

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